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Out of love for the Owl Mountains.

For the past two hundred years, Bielawa has been mainly associated with the textile industry. The industry's factories and supporting facilities were successively expanded, and the Bielbaw or Bieltex companies were known throughout Europe. And so it went on until the first decade of the 21st century. Today, Bielawa is a city of many talents, oriented towards a diverse industry, drawing on the traditions and attractions of the region. In the current of these changes, since autumn 2017, the SOWIE Craft Brewery has found its place in the production halls of the former Bieltex. It was then that the first brew of Sowie Pils was brewed at the Brewery.
The captivating beauty of the Sowie Mountains is a challenge and motivation to work. Our beer must be as perfect as the surrounding nature, as stunning and natural. This is the reason why we emphasise beer classics, bottom-fermented products, lagers, pilsners, March beers or wheat beers.


We are driven by passion.

We spent a long time assembling a crew of brewers, looking for people who were experienced but still committed. We also discussed for a long time the styles and flavours with which our Brewery should be associated. Many people, both professional brewers and amateur gourmets, contributed to the final shape of Sowie beer.
One thing is indisputable with us - we do not compromise on quality. That's why we use the best hops and malts available, and the artisanal production procedure is sacrosanct.


The soul of the region encapsulated in beer.

Everyone who has visited the Sowie Mountains at least once, returns here. Sooner or later. We want one of the reasons for returning to be our beer. Consumed among the rustling trees. And if, somewhere far away in the world, we miss the mountains, we would like an evening glass of Sowie to take us from our homes straight to the Wielka Sowa.


Where hops meet malt.

SOWIE Craft Brewery was designed and built from the ground up in the traditionally industrial district of Bielawa. And this artisanal provenance of the place, has been combined with modern technology. All equipment and lines represent the latest technological trends. Our brewery is not a finished work. We are constantly improving the technology and enriching the resources with technological innovations. In view of the market's reaction to our production, we have decided to develop the lagering plant in order to double the production capacity still in 2018.

The brewery is part of Bielawska Wytwórnia Napójów, and the fruit of the close cooperation is a non-alcoholic beverage produced by our brewers based on original recipes - Młody Buk kvass.
Just as we are developing our technical facilities, the concepts and competences of our brewers are developing. Production processes are subject to continuous development.

Our products have been repeatedly awarded for their outstanding qualities in numerous competitions:

  • Sowie Miodowe Beer:
    • Konkurs Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo - Smaki Regionów – Perła 2021
    • Produkt Lokalny Października 2021 – nominowany głosami czytelników "Produkty"
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Złoto 2019
    • Laureat Konkursu Smaki Regionów – najsmaczniejszy produkt regionalny – 2019
    • Konkurs „Nasze kulinarne dziedzictwo – Smaki Regionów” – I nagroda 2019
    • Konsumencki Konkurs Piw „Chmielaki Krasnostawskie” – II miejsce 2019
  • Sowie Marcowe Beer:
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Srebro 2023
    • Konkurs Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo - Smaki Regionów – Perła 2022
    • Konkurs Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo - Smaki Regionów – I miejsce 2021
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Złoto 2019
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Srebro 2018
    • Konkurs „Najlepszy smak Dolnego Śląska 2018”
  • Sowie Dark Beer:
    • Konkurs Good Beer – Srebro 2022
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Srebro 2021
  • Sowie Lager:
    • Konkurs Good Beer – Srebro 2022
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Brąz 2019
  • Sowie Pils:
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Złoto 2022
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Srebro 2021
  • Sowie Porter Bałtycki:
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Brąz 2022
    • Konkurs Piw Rzemieślniczych – Brąz 2022
  • Sowie SAISON Beer:
    • Konkurs Good Beer – Brąz 2022 w kategorii BELGIJSKIE I FRANCUSKIE ALE
    • „Zielona Dolina Żywności i Zdrowia” – „Produkt lokalny” – 2018
  • Cereal drink ZBOŻO:
    • Konkurs Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo - Smaki Regionów – wyróżnienie 2019


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